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Easter Dinner with Jesus

This Easter Sunday I knew I would not be spending time with my family. My daughter devoted the day to her father,I’m not upset. this is the life divorce presents. My son invited me to join him and his fiancé and their family in Maryland, but knowing I had to teach early Monday morning, I chose not to go. My sister was invited to an extended family member’s home. So, I decided I needed to make this day ‘only about Jesus!' Therefore, I decided to visit a church I once loved but left due to a change in pastorship. I thought long and hard about this decision, and realized, that God is in control, and if he saw fit that the previous pastor move on and provided someone else to pastor this church who am I to hold a grudge against God. Not to mention, some amazing people I had made friends with remained in that church. In addition, church was “in-person” and after two years of seclusion and "TV church," I truly needed fellowship.

When I discovered church now began at 9:30 a.m., I grumbled. I’m not a happy early riser. Then, I checked myself, and said, “Really? Jesus died so you can have eternal life in Heaven, and you can’t get up and out for church to celebrate this amazing gift! I set my alarm and went to sleep with the intention to get up and go. Incidentally, I awoke at 6:00 a.m. with no alarm. I jumped up, got coffee, dressed up for the day, and got to church early, When I arrived, I saw the friendly, beautiful face of the first person I had met when I initially visited this church years ago. I must tell you, her name is Mary, and she has the bluest eyes and a super-kind smile. Seeing her as I strolled into the church warmed my heart completely. I knew I belonged back here again. I also saw several other friends. I sat down, alone, and listened to God-inspired words from the new pastor.

The message filled my heart, but I knew once I left, I would go home to an empty house. Though the blessing was clear, I was tired from waking so early, and I took a nap. When I awoke, I knew I needed to visit my mom in her nursing home. It’s difficult to see her there. Sometimes she’s with it, other times, not so. However, God tugged at my heart to make the trip. When I got there, Mom asked me to sing. I love to sing, and it always makes her smile, so I adhered to her request. I sang, “Amazing Grace,” “Peace in the Valley,” and “Someone to Watch Over Me.” The last song, as many times as I’ve sung it, I sang for me. I truly wish God would bring someone to watch over me.

Finally, after I finished spoon-feeding my mother her Easter dinner, I went home and cooked one for myself. This made me feel more emotional than anything because I had no one to sit with and share my meal. I grilled a steak, some vegetables, and sat down alone at my dining table, and thanked God for all that He’s done for me. I looked to the right and remembered something I had learned years earlier at a Christian Ladies Retreat, and I envisioned Jesus sitting there as my guest. Christ is a husband to the husband-less, a father to the fatherless, and a friend to all those who need his friendship. At that moment, I realized I’m not alone. I will never be alone. Jesus is all that I need. If he sees fit that I one day will have a partner to share my life with, I will gratefully rejoice, but today, I am thankful Jesus was my Easter Dinner date!

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