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The Jersey Shore Writers - A Voice to Remember

Since I've been a vocalist and have a family full of musicians, it had me thinking about "voice." Singing a song or writing a novel isn’t much different. It's all about the story and the voice. When I write, my voice comes from the same place it does when I sing a song--my gut. If I want readers to hear and remember me, I need to be consistent and strong. My characters need to be recognized by their word choices, inflections, and tone.

Dynamics is another component in the writing voice as well as the singing voice. In terms of voice when singing, there are different places a vocalist may go to pull those various notes from. The head voice, also known as falsetto, is the upper register of the voice--sometimes used to soften or bring a lyric to a place you cannot reach within your own range. For most, it isn't the strongest part, it is usually where singers go when their lower register or full voice (their gut) can't pull it off, though still important and effective, but eventually you must return to your gut. Your words will be delivered with more power, strength, and conviction.

Voices can also be mimicked, and this can be a good tool of study. However, if you want to write an original piece, finding your own voice and making it the best you can, will bring in an audience that is strictly there to experience the characters you've written through your voice.

Here's a fun song about the importance of sound by Regina Spektor. For those who don’t recognize the name, she wrote the theme song to “Orange is the New Black.” She definitely understands the consequences of sound.

Consequence of Sounds

Regina Spektor

My rhyme ain't good just yet, My brain and tongue just met, And they ain't friends, so far, My words don't travel far, They tangle in my hair, And tend to go nowhere, They go right back inside, Right past my brain and eyes Into my stomach juice Where they don't serve me use, All melted calories, Nutrition values. And I absorb back in The words right through my skin They sit there festering inside my bowels

The consonants and vowels The consequence of sounds The consonants and vowels The consequence of sounds

Got a soundtrack in my mind, All the time. Kids- Screamin' from too much beat up And they don't even rhyme, They just stand there, on a street corner, Skin tucked in And meat side out and shot, And I'd like to turn them down But there ain't no knob. Run into…

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seyshorewriters #authorsofnj #critiquegroups

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Wendy Lynn Decker is a sea traveler and adventurer. She’s the author of SWEET TEA, A Novel and freelance writer. Wendy has a Master's Degree in Creative Writing from Wilkes University, and lives on the Jersey Shore. She is an Adjunct Professor for Central Texas College with the NCPACE Program.

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